FACT: There is no greater compliment than a returning family!

31st August 2018 I heard the sound of my vibrating phone; incoming message from the lovely Niki “Hi I wondered if you do newborn photography”.


I excitedly responded congratulating Niki and we provisionally booked a date for Niki and her family to have a photoshoot around the expected due date of their new arrival (January 2019).

The months passed and the photoshoot date fast approached; after rescheduling twice (these babies can be unpredictable you know) I finally got to visit Niki and family and meet their beautiful baby girl.

The early days following the arrival of a new baby are often a blur, you are inundated with family and friends visiting your brand spanking new tiny human, you are probably feeling exhausted after experiencing first hand what sleep deprivation is.

However there really is no better way to remember the arrival of your new addition than to capture candid photographs of your first days together in a documentary style.

So that’s just what we did for Niki……

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