The Day The Colts Met The Gingerbreads

Ropsley Colts the only football team I have ever really supported!

During my life I have never really been much of a football fan, that was until our eldest son decided he wanted to join the Ropsley Colts. It was at this point I kissed goodbye to my weekend lie in and lazy mornings at home in the warm… for I am now a football mum!!

Ellis joined the Colts and has formed a phenomenal bond with his football family. Despite the rain and sub-zero temperatures we have to endure when spectating; I love the fact that he likes kicking a ball and interacting with other children in the great outdoors #outsideisfree.

On a rare Saturday off from family and wedding photography I decided I would try and organise a treat for Ellis and his football family. I dropped the Gingerbreads a message on Facebook and asked if the Colts would be able to attend Grantham Town FC to have a kick about! Low and behold the lovely Simon Hayes AKA Gingerbread Si came back to me and said yes!

The weeks passed and the boys eagerly awaited their trip to Grantham Town FC. Slightly concerned that the flurry of snow overnight would have the game called off we were delighted to hear the news that it was still on!

The Colts layered up and wearing their blue and red kits the boys proudly entered the home of the Gingerbreads!!! On arrival we were met by Gingerbread Si who told us to enjoy the first half and at half time the boys would be invited onto the pitch for some penalties…

The boys thought it was like being at Wembley, what a treat!!!

Despite Grantham’s unfortunate 2-0 loss to Workington AFC the Colts had a fab time and learnt a thing or two in the process.

On behalf of the boys I would like to say a huge thank you to all at Grantham Town FC for making the Colts feel so welcome and especially to The Grantham Gingerbread Mascot, Mark Bland U21s Manager, Ross Barrows First Team Player, Louis Bland Academy Manager, Nigel Wedgwood Chairman and of course to the lovely Gingerbread Si!

Until next time!!

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